Introduction : In the early and mid 1970’s right up to the present time, a couple of Western Australian manufacturing firms have worked very effectively to change the popular view held by many Architects and Designers that linear metal strip ceilings were an expensive ‘top end’ special purpose product. The reality is now well entrenched in Western Australia that this style of ceiling does in fact provide the very best in acoustical performance; maintenance freedom; enhanced aesthetical values and, so importantly today . . . economy.

A substantial investment in modern rollforming machinery, along with improved profiles and support framing systems, has been largely responsible for ‘Paneline’ metal strip ceiling systems being held to very competitive price levels and consequently being among the most regularly specified products of its type.

‘Paneline’ is most often used in cost conscious but performance demanding applications such as schools, sporting and recreational buildings, church meeting halls, showrooms, open plan offices, laboratories, airport and shipping terminals and the like. As a result of its exceptional acoustical performance (NRC.87), ‘Paneline’ is very often successfully used in acoustical rectification projects.

‘Paneline’ is most often supplied in the 100mm module however both 75mm and 92mm modules are also available. The system boasts such practical options as insulation hold down clips and panel retention clips for use in high impact areas. (refer ‘Paneline’ Sport Specification section).

Check the very impressive track record that accompanies the ‘Paneline’ product . . . you’re bound to be impressed!

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