Introduction: From the mid 1960’s toward the end of the 80’s, perforated and slotted metal ceiling tiles and panels were extremely popular with Architects for use where good acoustical qualities were required to be in balance with high levels of durability and elegance.

Metal ceiling panels and tiles were most often used in office accommodation, hospitals, laboratories, airport and shipping terminals and the like. Unfortunately, by the early 90’s these products became quite expensive and consequently they fell out of favour.

A substantial investment in the most modern computerized and automated machinery has been largely responsible for a significant turn-around in costing of these products and we’re now able to offer a good selection of quality perforated and slotted metal ceiling and lining products at highly competitive prices.

Standard panel and tile modules, in two way exposed, one way exposed or fully concealed suspension, allow Architects and Designers the freedom to use these exceptional products to good effect. Even special sizes and shapes can be supplied without excessive cost. The latest Simplex technology has been exported to several overseas locations where it has competed with great success.

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