TYPES 125 and 250

Introduction: For many years, perforated and slotted plys were very popular with Architects for use where acoustical controls were required without sacrificing the general ambiance or warmth that could be gained by using natural finishes.
Perforated and slotted plys were often used in libraries, lecture theaters, galleries, halls, recreation centres, airport terminals and the like. These products unfortunately became very expensive and consequently they fell out of favour.
The application of modern computerized machinery has been largely responsible for a significant turn-around in costing of these products and we're now able to offer an exceptional range of quality perforated veneered plys and MDF boards at very reasonable prices.
Standard panels and sheets allow Architects and Designers much more freedom to use natural finishes whilst giving full consideration to a good acoustical environment. Even special sizes and shapes are now available at realistic prices and there's a large range of natural veneers to select from.
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