Introduction: For far too long, accordion door offerings were limited to expensive vinyl clad cardboard units that relied on complex internal mechanisms to hold them together. Generally this type of accordion door provided lower than expected acoustical performance and, by the very nature of their construction, they more often than not provided a maintenance nightmare! By the mid 1980’s, the problems associated with this style of product almost led to their being removed from specifications for Government school and other public building projects.

In the late eighties however, ‘Acoustics’ entered into an exclusive representation and distribution arrangement with the very credible ‘Won-Door’ accordion door manufacturing company. Upon its introduction in Australia, Architects and Designers quickly embraced the real benefits of the ‘Won-Door’ product and it immediately became very popular.

‘Won-Door’ accordion doors are exceptionally durable. They consist of robust aluminium panels that are linked by colour coordinated hinge sections that in turn are all supported on high quality ball bearing rollers in a heavy duty dual tracking system. A good range of powder coatings assures a soft and elegant appearance at the same time as providing a washable and graffiti resistant finish.

Knowledgeable customers, such as the Education Department, favour the use of the ‘Won-Door Model 245’ accordion doors in their projects because of their factual STC rating and their exceptional in-field reliability. ‘Won-Door’ products are so good that they are confidently supported by an extensive three (3) year warranty. Additional to great form and function, the products are also available at prices very often cheaper than their vinyl/cardboard counterpart.

Architects and Designers can have total confidence when specifying ‘Won-Door’.

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.Won-Door Model 245 - (43 STC Rated)
.Won-Door Model 45 Flex
.Won-Door Model 45 - Servery
.Accord Model 100 - Vinyl
.Accord Model 200 - Vinyl
.Variplan Flat Surface - Vinyl
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